The Loop
The Loop
Concept and art direction in collaboration with
Eleanor Meredith

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Suggested reading
in 100 of
the Best Indie
from around
the World.

–  Prestel  –

A song of creativity
and could not
be more welcome
in our classrooms.

–  The Book Corner  –

Here to promote
the next generation
of creative minds.

–  It’s Nice That  –

Interactive mag
for engaged,
creative under-12s.

–  The Guardian  –

The Loop is a newspaper for children
that are a bit too young to read a newspaper.
Suggested reading age 8 - 12.

In 2011 Eleanor Meredith and I founded
the small press Bolt Editions and
went on to publish The Loop from 2012 - 2015.
We developed the concept, commissioned and
art directed the illustrators, worked with
editors, authors, graphic designers,
junior reporters and volunteers.

The Loop was stocked in over ten countries.
You can buy back issues here.

Illustration: Jay Daniel Wright, Ola Niepsuy,
Damien Poulain, Super Groupe,
Katherina Manolessou, Marta Monteiro,
Alessandra Genualdo, Sharmila Banerjee 
Photography: Jenny Lewis